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introduction to HEbrew: A Guide for

learning and using

biblical Hebrew

"Here’s the book that I wish I had been given—and from which I wish I had been instructed—when I was a student of Hebrew." 
Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church
"This is the best teaching grammar of Biblical Hebrew available today. It has no rival. Fullilove combines his expert knowledge of the language with clear and concise explanations that are oriented toward beginning students. What sets this grammar apart is its exegetical focus, showing at every turn the relevance of the language for biblical interpretation."
Scott C. Jones, Covenant College

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Why Another Hebrew Grammar?

Most students of Biblical Hebrew quit their study of the language just at the moment when it is about to start helping them in biblical interpretation.  The hours spent learning vocabulary and verb forms end up being wasted, as they never learn to apply the language to developing a better understanding of the biblical text.

This grammar simultaneously teaches both the Hebrew language and the skills involved in exegesis.  Each chapter pairs  grammatical and language exercises with exegetical exercises showing the practical relevance of the grammar learned to enhancing one's understanding of the biblical text.

For Professors

Maximizing Student Learning with Free YouTube Videos

Most teachers of Hebrew know that the more time we spend actually reading the language with our students - working exercises, correcting pronunciation, coaching and teaching - the more such time, the better the learning.  Most of us wish we could develop an "upside down classroom" to teach Hebrew, but the time investment is too large.  Introduction to Hebrew enables you to switch to teaching via an upside down classroom because the videos are already made and freely available on YouTube.

The Pedagogy

Not only are there many teaching grammars of Hebrew available, many of them are quite good.  This grammar seeks to include the best pedagogical developments possible in ancient language teaching for Biblical Hebrew:

  • All examples are taken from the biblical text, enabling students to quickly feel their growing ability as the progress through the chapters.

  • The basic forms of the verb are introduced as quickly as possible (chapters 3 and 5), maximizing students' practice in parsing and analyzing texts.

  • The full paradigm of the strong verb is taught first, enabling students to grasp the "system" of the language before being weighed down by the myriad complexities of parsing weak verbal forms.

  • Weak verbs are held off until the second half of the grammar and then taught by phonological type, which vastly simplifies teaching weak roots.

  • Skills such as the proper use of a lexicon, the basics of word studies, and syntactical analysis - which professors usually must teach in a supplemental way - are integrated into the text and exercises of each chapter.

  • At 28 chapters, the grammar can easily be completed in a two semester introductory sequence.

Easy to Adopt

Switching grammars seems too high a hill to climb - reworking exercises, redoing lecture notes, and all the like.  The combination of the free YouTube curriculum and a full key makes switching a snap.  The students watch the videos in advance, prepare the homework assignments, and you simply come in prepared to discuss the areas where they need clarification or help.  Class preparation has never been easier.

Answer Key

A complete answer key and errata list are available for download as a .pdf.

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For Students

Free Videos

How often have you wished you could teach yourself Hebrew?  Alas, all but a few students need a teacher, a tour guide through the language, as simply getting a grammar and reading it doesn't fully do the job.  Each chapter of this book is fully taught in a free YouTube video series.  You can study Hebrew on your own with Introduction to Hebrew as the professor comes to you, free.

Answer Key

If you are teaching yourself Hebrew, there is a full answer key available under the "For Professors" section.  If you are taking Hebrew in a college, university, or seminary setting, please consult with your teacher or professor before downloading and using the answer key.  Regardless, check the errata list for any updates to the printed volume.

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“Bill Fullilove’s new grammar of Biblical Hebrew is an outstanding introduction to the language for beginning students. The author presents the basic material clearly and cogently, while deftly incorporating insights gleaned from the latest research. Beginners will enjoy starting to read actual excerpts from the Bible at an early stage; and by the end, they will be well equipped for the task of Old Testament exegesis. I warmly and enthusiastically recommend this fine new textbook.”


Professor, Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures, The Catholic University of America

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